Friday, March 12, 2010

Quality Aunt Jenni Time

As I wrote the title, I remembered that Aunt Jenni is in none of these pictures, but that's because she was taking them. Emily and I have been enjoying time in Dallas, doing a bit of shopping and visiting friends.

After forgetting to take Emily's month picture yesterday, we got it this morning. Emily has recently re-discovered Horton, a gift from one of the elder couples at Skillman Church of Christ in Dallas. He's been taking in the sights in Dallas.

Laurie, this picture is just for you. We asked Emily to smile and this is what we got!

This afternoon, Horton was getting Emily's neck and I decided that it would be cute to stick his trunk down Emily's shirt. She left it there for 15-20 minutes!

Ok, enough updates for now, I have more investment info to put into Quicken. Fun! :-)

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Lana said...

Looks like Emily's having a ball! Keep on having fun.