Tuesday, March 9, 2010


I just love getting packages in the mail. Because I frequently request samples, I get them in the mailbox quite often. However, I rarely get packages from UPS or FedEx unless I actually order something. So, when William the UPS Guy showed up today, I was a little surprised. I wasn't expecting any packages. I asked what he had for me (he frequently has to leave packages for the school here because he gets here too late) and he said he had a package for ME! When I saw who it was from, I had an idea of what it might be, but never imagined all that I would find. Here is what I found.

A while back, the ACU Campus Store had requested product ideas on their Facebook page. I've always had a hard time finding good (and not too expensive) baby and toddler items so I made a few suggestions. (I think it was for toddler place settings.) I am so excited to start using Emily's new bowl (with lid!), snack cups, sippy cup, blanket and to get her into that t-shirt and onesie! Thank you ACU Campus Store!!