Monday, March 22, 2010

Meal Plan Monday

I promised exciting things! Sadly, it will have to wait for a while. But, I'll go ahead and fill you in.

I've been reading Life as Mom and Money Saving Mom for a while now and have read about their freezer cooking adventures. For my birthday, Phillip gave me a book about once a month cooking and I've been just waiting to be able to use it. I was planning to do freezer cooking last Tuesday, but an unexpected trip to Abilene waylaid my plans. So, that'll wait for a while. I'm not sure when, but since I've already got meals planned through the middle of April, I imagine it will be after that! I'll still make the same things I planned to do with freezer cooking, but it will be day-of now!

So, for this week's meal plan.

Monday: MOPS means leftovers!
Tuesday: rotini with leftover spaghetti sauce
Wednesday: spinach chicken & cheese calzones
Thursday: Angel Food meal (Phillip has a high school UIL meet to work until who knows when!)
Friday: chili dogs

I imagine Emily and I will bake a few things this week...things I had planned to bake last Tuesday, but I'll just have to look at my to do list and see.

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