Saturday, September 5, 2009

Catching up

August 23 was Granddaddy's 97th birthday so Emily and I surprised him at the University Place birthday party. Fun was had by all and Emily got to bring home some "buvhs" (balloons). She goes nuts any time she sees balloons or anything that looks like balloons!
(Notice Emily signing "more" as Granddaddy's blowing the thingy...what are those called?)

"See? My balloons are up there!"
Last Friday, Emily and I babysat Riley. It was a rough day, but we had fun going to the Pep Rally at school. Emily kindly shared her wagon!

Grandpa & Pearlie (and Aunt Jenni) came last weekend for Pearlie's birthday. Grandpa brought in his suitcase with a bit of bling on it!
The football game was interesting. I'm so glad I had help! (Aren't overalls wonderful?!?)

My cutie!
Emily has one speed at football games...RUN!
We always take family pictures when we're all together. Don't we look nice?

Yesterday, we had to go to Brownwood so Pearlie and I took Emily to a park. She loved the slides!

Then, Grandma & Grandpa came to town for the Robert Lee football game. Too bad it was windy and raining (downpour!!). We came back to the house while Phillip stayed at the game (he had to work).

It's been a good few weeks. Sorry to be so late in getting an update up!

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Jenni said...

wow, Grandma's brave to let Emily dig through her purse!!! like the single pigtail on top too!!