Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Emily has been busy the last week or so. She wanted to show you what she's been up to.

I know I already posted this one, but it's too cute! She was trying to get Papa's watch off her leg!

Emily has found a love for my Bible cover. She carries it around on her arm and loves to open the zippers!

Emily had a ball playing with our comforter while I was changing the sheets.

She got into this all by herself. She squeezed between the pack n play and wagon just to play with the seat belt straps! She was entertained there for about 10 minutes!

Here she is again with my Bible cover. She took the cross out of the cover and just plays with it.

Monday night, she learned to high-five.

Every morning, Emily helps me put away the dishwasher. (Yes, it's portable, but I'm just grateful that I have one!)

Emily must have had a rough nap yesterday. This was what I found when I went in to get her.

This morning it was 56 when we left for our walk so I bundled Emily up in one of my old coats (and new mittens) and wrapped her up in a blanket. She never got cold and even sang along the way, though the mittens did come off!


Jenni said...

so fun! I love the coat - I don't remember it, though.

Bethany said...

The "high five" with the forehead is too cute. And I had no idea Emily was so strong! I'm impressed with her "pushing." (-: