Friday, September 11, 2009

15 months

After a comment yesterday by my mom ("There's something to the fact that studios used to take babies' pictures on tables...look how still she is!"), I thought I'd try something new. Emily's alwasy still on her changing table, so I thought I'd try the month picture on there. Emily wanted Mr. Snuggles in her lap instead of in front of her so, here's the one (and only) picture we had to take this month!

At 15 months, Emily can sign "more," "hungry," "thirsty," "all done," and "sleepy." She hasn't used any words regularly, except "buvuh" which means balloon (she gets super-excited when she see balloons or anything that looks like a balloon). She will (usually) follow directions when you tell her to do something she knows how to do and knows where the following things are in the house: her room, where she takes a bath, where she gets a new diaper, where drinks are and where outside is. She loves looking at and pointing to dogs and lights up when she sees one on TV or in person. She knows where her nose, feet, eyes and tongue are and occasionally knows her left foot from her right. She's such a smart girl!


Jenni said...

she is such a smart girl! and a great way to start taking photos now!!

Jenni said...

so where is the 16 month picture?