Monday, April 27, 2009

Wedding weekend

This weekend we went to Dallas so Emily could go to her first wedding. Actually, we wanted to go anyway, but it was Emily's first wedding. Our good friend, Kristen married Brent. They both have such interesting jobs. They live in DC and she works for a national non-profit as PR director (I think) and he works for the State Department. It was great to see Kristen again and to get to know Brent a little.
Brent, Emily & Kristen

We also had some time to hang out with our friends from Dallas. We watched the recorded Mavs game, even though 5 out of 7 of us knew the outcome before the game ended. It was lots of fun. We really miss you guys! (Sorry, Summer, I didn't get any pictures of you!)
Phillip, Josue, Debbie, Emily, Heather & Adam
Sunday, we went to lunch with Brent & Kristen and all our friends. Emily got to meet Wesley again. They've both grown a bit since the first time they met.
June 2008

April 2009

(Is anyone else having issues with Blogger and uploading photos?)

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Cara said...

Yes, it didn't work the right way for me either last time. Emily is getting so big!