Tuesday, April 14, 2009


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Emily's first Easter was lots of fun! We actually started a week early by going to an Easter Egg Hunt with my parents' Sunday School class. Emily had lots of fun and enjoyed "finding" her three eggs!

Ready for the hunt!

"What is this stuff I'm sitting on?"
(first time in the grass!)

We spent most of Friday with Phillip's family, eating and hanging out and playing with Emily, of course!.

Emily got to try out the chair sling my mom made for her.
She really enjoyed it!

The whole family (minus Phillip's sister and her family)

Grandpa and his girls

Saturday & Sunday we were in Abilene again and spent time with my family.

Emily enjoyed her Easter basket and card.
She got some Little People from the Easter Bunny!


Jenni said...

so glad you came out!! I've got one of those pics up on my desktop in her hat and sunglasses.....fits a little better than last summer!

Samantha said...

Emily is Adorable in that little hat and glasses! Sounds like you all had a great Easter weekend!!

Cara said...

She's so cute! I could use another weekend at your mom and dad's! How did you get your blogs to come in order of time written?

Anonymous said...

Emily is beautiful. Love the orchid dress with hearts and hat.

Is that Nanny's kitchen cabinet in the background refinished. It looks really nice.

Heather said...

Yes, that is Nanny's kitchen cabinet.

Anonymous said...

I cracked and ate a lot of fresh pecans at that cabinet. She kept a wooden nut bowl on it with pecans and a vice attached to the cabinet to crack them. She had a lot of pecan trees then.

Very nice looking families in your pictures.