Wednesday, February 25, 2009

37 weeks

Recently, as Emily has become more mobile, she's helped me with household chores. Such as, sorting laundry...

...and choosing books. (Notice the's actually a newborn dress!)

She's getting around everywhere she wants to go. She's cruised the couch a couple of times, but is still fairly uncertain about that. (Good for us!) It's always an adventure, though, to see what she goes after.


the Whitelaws said...

So precious! I'm glad to see she's feeling better. When Jenna was about her age, I discovered something amazing - sorting laundry the night before laundry day (while Jenna was aleep)! It is fun when they help, though!

Jenni said...

she is such a good helper! love that she is picking out books!!!

Kathylou said...

Such a sweet little girl. She is really growing. When she gets good at folding laundry I could use her help!

Pat said...

I haven't seen cloth diapers or rubber pants in stores for years. I used them almost enclusively for my first two then lots more for my last. When we traveled or when I was sick, disposables were great but expensive with the last two in diapers simultaneously.

Love your baby pictures.


Pat said...

I wrote this in 1984--

Prayer for Our Loved Ones

Dear God! When in pain the heart does cry
and in self-pity the mind asks why
we pray lest we perish in Thy wrath,
Bless us with peace, Perpetual Host.
Protect us from imprudence, impatience, and false pride most.
Help us find You as we tho tersted by trial go life's path.