Wednesday, February 11, 2009

35 weeks & 8 months

I haven't blogged well this week. I've had lots of posts running around in my head, but they've never made it to the computer. Oh well.

Today, I submit this beauty. She's learned lots of new things in the last few weeks, including pulling up to standing, crawling (on hands and knees) and saying "mama." Yes, that's right, last night she said, "mama" while we were sitting at the dinner table. I'm not sure she knows that "mama" is me, but she did clearly say it! Phillip and I were so excited!

Tonight was the Valentine dance at school. Emily and I went up for a while to visit Phillip and we got this picture.

Oh, and Aunt Jenni, thanks for the love bug!


Jenni said...

so glad she got her package!!! what a precious girl! can't wait to see her in person next week!!

Jenni said...

p.s. did I buy that Valentine's outfit? I can't remember. Either way, she looks so festive! :-)