Saturday, June 14, 2008

We're home!

We got home last night about 7 and had our first visitors at home...Grandma & Grandpa Ratliff, Pearlie and Aunt Jenni. After a short visit, everyone left and we started getting settled and ready for our first night at home. The first few hours were rough...trying to figure out exactly what Emily did at night since she didn't stay with us at the hospital. Waking her up to feed was the hardest part! She just wasn't all that interested. Things are getting better in that department, but we could still use prayers that she and I will figure it all out.

We've had a fairly uneventful day today. Grandma & Grandpa Ratliff came by this morning for a little visit before they headed home. Phillip and I have been resting (Emily has too!) for the rest of the day. Pearlie and Aunt Jenni will be back tonight (and Pearlie will be staying with us all week, thank goodness!).

I haven't put any pictures on my computer here at home, but if you want more pictures, go check out Aunt Jenni's blog. She's been keeping the world updated with new pictures!


Lauren said...

I am so glad that you are resting! And that your mom will be there for a while. The feeding thing will work itself out. I know that I had trouble with Lindsey at first. She (and I) caught on and she survived (it's amazing!)

Josie said...

Yeah Heather! So happy to hear that you and Emily are home. She is such a pretty little baby. Hug her a little extra for me.

Packsaddle said...


the Whitelaws said...

You and Emily look beautiful! Congratulations! Praying for the feeding to work out, for smooth adjustment, and a safe move.

Cara said...

I glad you're home and resting! I want to come and see her again. Give her a kiss from Aunt Cara.