Sunday, June 29, 2008

Our new house, by Emily

Mommy's been pretty busy lately with moving and taking care of me so she asked me to show you our new house. Daddy, Pearlie and Grandpa (and Grandma & Grandpa Ratliff) have been busy settling us in our new house while Mommy's been taking care of me. Here are some pictures of our new house, in the process of settling.
Our new house

Our front porch

Our living room

The bar that will soon be a place for all of Mommy's recipes and cookbooks and the dining room. I can't wait until I can eat her good cooking!

The kitchen and laundry room

The guest bathroom

The office...I think Mommy will spend a lot of time here on the computer

The guest room...yes, we have room for you!!

My room!!! I'm really excited about this one. Maybe by the time it's ready for me, I'll be ready for it!

Mommy and Daddy's room

Mommy & Daddy's bathroom

Our back porch

Our back yard...Oso will love it once he gets used to it. He has lots of room to run...

...and a place to hide from the rain!

Our carport and the fence Daddy, Grandpa Ratliff and Lupe put up for Oso

That's it. Thanks for joining me on the tour. Let us know if you're ever out our way...we've got a place you can stay!


Jenni said...

Emily, I am so excited to see some photos of your new house! And I can't wait to see it in person next weekend. I've missed you so much this week!

Aunt Jenni

Lana said...

I loved the tour -- even if I have seen the place first-hand! Great job.

Jim said...

Great tour pictures and the guide's not so bad herself!