Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Two more

Each of the last two weeks (before today), I had gained one pound, for a total of two pounds. Today, when I weighed, I had gained two more! So, I'm up four pounds since I last posted, right on track. Yea!!!! (Overall, I'm up six pounds since the very beginning.)

Sidenote: I need to clarify the pounds issue. My doctor was comparing my pre-pregnancy (at home, in the morning, just out of the shower) weight to my current (at the doctor's office--scales measure the exact same as home, by the way--in the afternoon, with clothes). So, according to her calculations, I had gained five pounds. According to reality, I had only gained two pounds at my last visit.


Jenni said...

I thought you had gained 5 pounds at your last doctor visit? So wouldn't this be 9 total?

Lana said...

At least, you're starting to gain a little. We'll just see if you really pack on the pounds -- can't quite imagine that!

Cara said...

I knew they would come eventually!