Monday, January 28, 2008

First dinner party of the year

Our first dinner party of the year went well. Phillip and I decided to have two elders and their wives over each month because we really don't know any of them. Saturday night the Browns and the Greens joined us for dinner. Everything turned out great, except the rolls. Recently, I've had trouble with this one recipe of rolls that I've never had trouble with. Maybe the water is just too hot. Anyway, the cracker crumb chicken, disgusting potatoes*, Swiss vegetable medley and upside down chocolate pudding were delicious!! And, we enjoyed spending time with our elders and getting to know them a little bit.

The plan is to have two couples per month and at that rate, we'll cover all of them before the baby comes!

*aka Disgustingly Rich Potatoes


Lana said...

Sounds yummy! Glad it went well.

Cara said...

What a good idea! We need to get together soon. I want to see a baby bump!