Saturday, October 13, 2007

What frustration!!

We had a frustrating morning. Based on the paperwork I was given at Dr. Jarrett's office, I understood that the ultrasound was at the Outpatient Center of Doctor's Hospital. When we showed up, they didn't have me on the schedule, so the receptionist made a few calls trying to see if someone could come in. After about 10 minutes, Phillip suggested that we just reschedule. So, we left there and headed over to Babies R Us (just to see what's there--a LOT, it turns out!). On the way over, Dr. Jarrett's office called and checked on me because I hadn't shown up for my ultrasound. As it turns out, we were supposed to go to her office! But, no one had ever told me that. So, I talked to Dr. Jarrett and we rescheduled the ultrasound for October 22, just to make sure everything is looking okay.

Actually, it's not the worst thing that we had to reschedule. I still don't have information on my new health insurance which was effective October 1. This will give me a couple days to keep hounding Neil and get the info I need before we go in on Wednesday.

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Cara said...

I know that is frustrating! Especially when you are looking forward to it so. Don't get overwhelmed with Babies R Us. You don't need evertthing like they say you do:)