Monday, October 1, 2007

4 weeks, 2 days

We're pregnant! (Or, rather, I'm pregnant!) I took a test this morning, but wasn't sure if it was positive or not, so I spent the day wondering and freaking out a little. I didn't tell Phillip this morning because he was sleeping in (Fair Day!) and I wasn't positive. But, when I got home this afternoon (before Phillip, thankfully), I had time to take another test and it was POSITIVE!! I paced around, waiting for Phillip to get home, then waiting for him to see the present I had left on the dining room table. Once he finally saw it and opened it, he just stared at the framed scripture I had given him then stared at me. (It said, "We have prayed for this child. I Samuel 1:27") Then I tackled him and hugged him. We went to Steak & Ale to celebrate and tried to keep our excitement contained, just a little!

When we got home, I called Cara. Once I got her to stop talking, I told her the test had been positive. She was shocked! She was all prepared to give me hope about next time!! :-) Justin told her that he can't cross-stitch, but he'd try! Phillip called Kevin, but he wasn't home so he had to wait until Kevin called him back. They are super excited for us too.

It's perfect timing, too, since we'll be seeing both of our parents in the next couple weeks. Now, if we can just keep our mouths shut!! :-)

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