Sunday, February 19, 2012

Valentine's Day, Zoo Class & 14 months

On Tuesday, we went to Granddaddy's house for Emily to give him his Valentine. Through 10-15 takes, this was the best picture. Such cuties!

The Abilene Zoo has preschool class once a month where they learn about various things about animals. This month, they learned about big animals and made rhino horns. So cute!

Emily is so intense when playing using someone's phone. Here, I think she was playing a game on Pearlie's phone. I love her concentration.

My baby girl is 14 months old today. She now has 8 teeth (as of Friday) and eats fairly well. She has meat days and cracker days. Some days all she'll eat is meat (plus her muffin for breakfast) and other days all she will eat is crackers. I guess I still need to work on veggies, though. She won't touch those. She's about 19 pounds and 29". A growing girl!

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Jenni said...

such a cute Rhino!! :-)