Monday, November 21, 2011

48 weeks

So here we are on Monday again. :-) But, I actually have something new from the post about Anna's 11 month birthday. She's been very drooly for awhile now and FINALLY, her upper right incisor popped through! Yea! But, that meant for a very unhappy girl Saturday night and Sunday. We all took 2-3 hour naps yesterday and it was wonderful. When Anna woke up (when this picture was taken), though, she was (and still has been) clingy and a bit grumpy. I guess I can't really blame her.

Back in January, we received a box of goodies from my good friend Laurie. In the box were 2 sets of 12 month and 4T pajamas (2 sets each). I finally broke them out tonight. So, Laurie (I know you're reading!), the girls say thank you!!!

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