Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Emily and I have been traveling for the last couple weeks. While we've slowed down, we're not done traveling yet!

Three weeks ago, we went to Nashville for the MOPS International Convention. Thankfully, my parents were able to go with me to watch Emily. The convention was wonderful and I came away with lots of good information.

Emily made her way (on her own) into the carry-on size-tester basket. She fit so we decided to carry her on!
Emily loved playing in the cabinet under our sink in the hotel room!
Emily & Grandpa

Our group after supper one night

We also were able to visit with family while we were there.

Four generations!
Emily had her first boo boo while playing with her second cousins

The Monday that we came home, Phillip and a friend had gone to San Antonio for a Metallica concert. Apparently it was wonderful! :-) Emily and I stayed in Abilene for an extra night.

Came home for two days then headed out again. Our first stop was Dittos for Kiddos in Abilene where I found some overalls and 2 long sleeve onesies for Emily (total: $7.58!). Then we had lunch with my dad and headed to the DFW Airport to pick up my jacket I'd left on the airplane on Monday. Thankfully, it had been turned in so I got it back!

On to Aunt Jenni's house where we took pictures of Emily in her Wildcat Babywear. Watch for it in a future edition of the ACU Today.

Jenni had gotten free tickets to the Dallas Zoo so we headed there Saturday morning. It was PERFECT weather!! We took a picnic lunch and enjoyed eating in the shade.

Waiting for the train
A horse in the children's zoo areaEmily riding a very large tortoiseA fun butterfly bench
On our way home, we stopped at a light and I recognized the car in front of me. It was Josue, a friend from Skillman Church of Christ. Since we didn't have each other's phone numbers we pulled into a parking lot and visited for a minute.

Sunday was church with Jenni then back home to Panther Creek. Needless to say, Phillip greeted us at the car!

This coming weekend is ACU Homecoming, then I think we're settled until Thanksgiving. Maybe!


Cara said...

I CAN'T believe this is her first boo boo!!! Mine were diving and jumping and skinning knees before they were 9 mo! Must be the difference between boys and girls.

Bethany said...

Rick's at Homecoming this week! Hope y'all get to run into each other.