Saturday, October 24, 2009

Fall Festival

Back here, I gave you a sneak peek at Emily's costume. Martha guessed correctly when she guessed a clown. Here's the full costume, pumpkin and all. Both the costume and pumpkin were mine when I was little. (Actually, the costume was Aunt Jenni's first!)

At the Fall Festival, Emily and Papa played Plinko and Emily won us 4 pieces of candy and a Diet Coke.

Then, we all did the cake walk and Emily won us a white cake with rainbow sprinkles! (Sorry, no pictures there!)

"Papa, wait for me!!"
Emily played several other games...she shot a basketball (with the help of our boys' basketball coach), picked a duck out of the duck pond and "fished."

Of course, at all of these stations, we got candy. So, we're all set with candy for a while. At least until the Fall Festival at church tomorrow night!

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Jenni said...

so CUTE!!! love it!!!