Thursday, June 11, 2009

A Day in the Life of a One Year Old

Just for fun, I thought I'd chronicle our day today, since it was Emily's birthday. (I may be setting a standard for myself!) Anyway, here goes!

Sleeping Emily...if you look close, you can see that her feet are sticking out the crib!

7:25: Emily awakens. She nurses and gets a clean diaper and clothes for the day. While Mommy eats breakfast, Emily tries fresh blueberries. As expected, she didn't really take to them. She loves pureed blueberries, but has no intention of feeding herself anything other than Cheerios. She did try them though, and ate some of the fruit, but not the skin.

8:25: Emily eats breakfast of blueberry oatmeal (oatmeal cereal made with the juice leftover from making blueberry puree), her favorite!! We play with her peek-a-blocks for a while, but she preferred to crawl up in Mommy's lap and hug Mommy. (Mommy preferred this too!)

8:50: We read from our Pooh storybook (the collection of all 6 books) before nap time. Emily went to sleep about 9:10.

10:00: Emily wakes up from her nap. We play.

10:35: We go to the playground and play on the swing and slide (pictures below). She loves both of them! After about 10 minutes, Mommy gets bored, so we head home to play.

11:35: Emily nurses. We play until lunchtime.

12:30: Emily eats lunch of chicken, rice and peaches. (Yes, all mixed together. She actually ate it!) We play until Papa came home from work at 1:15.

1:30: Emily begins her afternoon nap.

3:10: Emily wakes up from her afternoon nap and plays with Papa.

3:30: Emily nurses again.

3:40: We all go up to school to decorate for the party on Saturday.

4:40: Back home to play before supper.

5:30: We had dinner. Usually, Emily eats about 4:30 or 5:00, but she was getting a special meal tonight so she had to wait. She wasn't amused. :-(

We have pancakes and Mommy shapes Emily's like a Cheerio since she loves them so much. She enjoyed pulling it apart, but, as with the blueberries this morning, had no intention of actually eating it. So, she got a banana instead (mushed up in a bowl and fed with a spoon...she wouldn't eat from the fork Papa tried to use).

We try to get Emily's 12 month picture, but she would have none of it, so you'll have to wait until tomorrow for that.

6:15: We go back to the playground, with Papa in tow, and played on the swings and slide again, this time getting pictures and video.

6:30: Back home to play before bed.

7:00: Bath in the big girl tub, for the first time at home.

7:30: In bed after getting a bedtime story from Papa.

Whew. I'm tired just writing about it! I hope you enjoyed a glimpse into our days!


Jenni said...

love it!!! see you this afternoon!!

Lana said...

Sounds like a marvelous day! She looks so big sitting at the top of the slide all by herself -- WOW! I'm glad the "big girl" tub works; that will simplify life a bit.

Cara said...

Happy Birthday Emily! Love the birthday hat! Wish we could be there tomorrow. Have a great day!