Sunday, December 14, 2008

The weekend

A fairly typical weekend, that's what this has been. We didn't have to go to the basketball game Friday night, so that was kind of nice. Yesterday, we met my parents in Winters so Phillip could get some speakers from my dad. He's going to be showing movies to the kids who are exempt from finals and needed some way that they could actually hear the movies. What a nice principal!

When we got home, I decided it was time for me to clean up the store room. We have an outdoor storeroom the size of a two-car carport. And, wonderful as it is, it had never been worked in since we moved in. So, yesterday (while there was daylight), I set out to organize it. After two and a half hours (with Emily crying for Phillip most of that time--she doesn't seem to like daddy-daughter time), I finally finished. All our empty, these-are-good-to-keep-for-a-future-move boxes have been nested and restacked to take up about a third of the space they previously were. All our item-specific boxes (it's always nice to have the box and original packing materials for that nice pitcher so you don't have to wonder if it will get broken in the move) are now nested as much as possible...though it's harder to nest those because of those pesky original packing materials! But, they are in a small section by themselves. We have paper boxes. We have a small section of boxes containing packing paper (5 dish pack boxes + a medium-sized suitcase!). We have a section dedicated to Christmas (this stuff will go into plastic bins after New Year's when that stuff goes on sale). We have a section for smaller, gift-type boxes...I never could find those before I organized, hence the reason for organizing! And, a shelf of boxes containing stuff we didn't unpack because there just wasn't room in the house. And, we've got the typical yard stuff, like a lawn mower, edger, blower, etc., also taking up residence out there.

And, in case you were wondering (I'm sure you weren't, but I want to share anyway), dirt daubers like to make nests in corrugated cardboard boxes. They also EAT cardboard, like termites eat wood. I can't tell you how many (empty, of course) nests I took out of these boxes. Just let that be a lesson to you...if you must store boxes outside in a storage building, be aware of dirt daubers!

Today, Phillip and Emily made cookies. He wanted to do something for the teachers at school and decided to make cookies. I had a recipe that makes 6-7 dozen and I already had everything for it, so he did it (with very little help from me). I'm so glad he's generous to his teachers!

We also have a new resident in our dining room...a high chair! I put it together tonight so that when we get back from New York (9 days til we leave!), it will be all ready for us to start feeding Emily cereal. I put her in it tonight and she loved it! I'm so glad!

Okay, that's it for my random ramblings. I just felt the need to post more than just weekly Emily pictures, even though that's what most of you come here for! 


Jenni said...

when I decided to convert my christmas storage to plastic bins, I discovered that the plain gray bins were MUCH cheaper than the clear with red or green lids. the clear ones might be easier to label (slide a piece of paper inside), but I think the gray ones were 1/3 the price.....just a thought.

also, yay for the high chair!! glad it will come in handy!

Cara said...

Yes, go for gray. You can place a piece of clear packing tape on it to write your label and just take it off when the contents change. You should take pictures of your hard work!

Lana said...

Will the dirt daubers hurt all kinds of boxes? I wonder if there is there any kind of repellant.

Sounds like a daunting job -- but one baby step at a time will get it done! Then you can come do my garage & storeroom -- ha!ha!