Thursday, December 11, 2008

6 months

I can't believe it. I know, I keep saying that.

Emily is doing so many new things that it's hard to remember what I should tell you about.
  • In the past week, she's learned to sit up by herself if we sit her up. (She doesn't stay that way for very long, but she can at least do it!)
  • She's reaching for and grabbing things.
  • She can move around in a circle if she's on her tummy.
  • She will chew on anything you give her, but she's not teething yet.
  • She likes to "talk" when she's finished eating.
  • She loves playing with her toes (or having you play with them!).

Today, she "helped" me wrap presents. She really enjoyed the wrapping paper tube!


Cara said...

Happy Birthday Emily! I love you!

Jenni said...

happy half birthday sweetie!! can't wait to see you in 10 days!!

p.s. is she sitting on Mr Snuggles by herself?!?

pdr2 said...

yes she is sitting on him by herself