Saturday, May 10, 2008


Today we had another sonogram. No, nothing's wrong. The doctor just likes to watch her babies closely at this point in the pregnancy. I'm all for it...we get to see our little one more! I'd put the picture up here, but 1) we don't have a scanner and 2) it wasn't a great picture anyway...not much different than last week's.

On our way to go shopping, we got a call that there would be a showing on our house this afternoon (which was later cancelled) so we had some time to kill. We ended up at JC Penney and Phillip found the cutest Mavericks outfit for $10. So...we spent $10 for an outfit that the baby can wear when the Mavericks are playing again. (It's a 6-9 month outfit.)

Tonight is FCA night at the Rangers game. We'll be taking about 15 middle school kids to that (along with a few other adults). Those nights are always fun. Hopefully the Rangers will do well tonight!

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