Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Our new home

This weekend, Phillip and I went to Abilene after our prepared childbirth class. (I got more about labor & delivery out of one of the books than I did in the class. But, we did learn more about the hospital.) We rested Saturday and Sunday afternoons, knowing that Monday was a big day.

Monday morning started early (at 4:30 am for me!). We left my parents' house at 6:25 to drive down to Panther Creek CISD. We arrived about 7:40 and started our day. We visited with the superintendent for a while and he walked us around the school and introduced us to most of the teachers (there are only 19 right now).

The current principal took us out to see the house. It's at the back of the school property, next door to the superintendent. It's a four bedroom, two bath double-wide trailer with a double car port and another double car port-sized storage building. The back yard is HUGE and is probably as big as our entire lot right now. Oso is going to love it! (After comparing satellite photos, I think our "lot" is about 4 times the size of our current lot.)

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Cara said...

I'm glad you got to look around and meet people. I guess you are really going to move now!