Wednesday, April 16, 2008

More showers

In the past three days, I had two more fabulous showers. I have pictures, but they're all at home on the camera and I'm at work. Besides, I don't think any of the pictures were all that exciting, but if I think about it I'll post some later.

Sunday was the shower given by Skillman Church of Christ. My mom & sister were able to come and share that day with me so it was even better. We got a lot of great gifts, including our high chair.

Yesterday, my friend Jennifer at work (and a couple other girls) threw a wonderful shower with lots of food! The best gift, though, was our stroller & car seat. Phillip and I had already planned to buy that, but now, we can spend that money elsewhere! I was so excited to see that. We put it together last night and it is so easy to use! Now, we just need to install the car seat in the car itself!

Most everything is ready for the baby...clothes, diapers & blankets/sheets have been washed. I just need to put a few finishing, organizing touches on the "nursery" and I'll post that picture up here. As you might imagine, we won't actually use this room as a nursery since we'll be moving, but it does house all the baby stuff for now. I can't wait to set up a real nursery!

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