Monday, August 15, 2011

34 weeks (and 400th post!)

Another busy week. Anna's been in childcare a couple times now and all I've heard is what a good baby she is. She was in MOPPETS (childcare at MOPS) last week and the church nursery this week. While I miss having her with me, it's very freeing to have her not with me!

She has now had rice and seems to like it okay. However, I've had to add pears to her "no eat" list. Unfortunately, I'm afraid that list is only going to continue to grow. :-(

I always think about things I'm going to write throughout the week, but I never can remember them when I sit down to write. Oh well. I guess you get what you get!


Last weekend, we went to Nashville for my cousin's daughter's wedding. On Sunday, we ate lunch at Five Guys (yummy hamburgers, even without the bun) and they have peanuts. Emily and Todd (my cousin's husband) really enjoyed shelling the peanuts together. Emily even cracked them with her pinkie finger (as Todd really cracked it). It was so fun to watch her interact with family she really doesn't know.


On another note, I'd just like to say that it pays to enter sweepstakes and even instant win sweepstakes. I've been playing the HEB Gear Up Giveaway when I think about it. There are a few prizes...the grand sweepstakes prizes and a few instant win prizes. The other day, I started the game and went to another web page. When I came back, it said I had won an instant win prize. Cool. I figured it would be an HEB gift card or something like that. No. It was an $800 Dell gift code. Phillip & I had been talking about needing to replace his computer, but we just don't have the money right now. Well, I guess we do now!

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Jenni said...

boo for pears not making the cut!