Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas Traditions

Today was a fun day of Christmas traditions for our little family. Last year, we began the tradition of making Christmas cookies. While I won't say that it was a failure, last year was not especially fun. So, we took cues from last year and did things a little differently this year. Isn't that the point of traditions? You make them better each year?

Yesterday, I made the cookie dough (it has to refrigerate for at least 2 hours anyway so overnight wasn't a problem) and the icing...a tried and true recipe, unlike last year where I tried a new recipe.

This morning, Emily and I rolled out the cookie dough and she helped decide which cookie cutter I should use each time. (We only gave her 4 choices so it wasn't too hard! And, Phillip was videoing the whole thing so that's why he wasn't helping here. I'd put it on here, but it's almost 20 minutes and no one wants to watch that!) Baked the cookies and waited for them to cool. Then, Phillip and I iced the cookies while Emily shook sugars on them. She had a ball and, I must say, the cookies turned out pretty good.

We went out for lunch, courtesy of Phillip's grandparents. They often slip him some cash when they see him and this week was no exception. :-)

Supper was a December traditional meal...sausage balls and poached eggs (with runny yolks!). We only get it in December because we only make sausage balls for our Christmas party. And, it's so yummy!!

After supper, we drove through Christmas Lane and Emily oohed and aahed over the lights then wanted more. So, we wound through some neighborhoods on our way home to look at more lights.

It was really an enjoyable day and it could be the last Saturday we have as a family of three. I just hope that next year is as enjoyable, with a three and a half year old and a one year old. It will certainly be different, but probably no less enjoyable.

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Jenni said...

so fun! the cookies look really yummy!