Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My Shortcomings

I don't normally like to talk, much less blog, about my shortcomings. I mean, who likes to talk about what they feel they're not doing well at? But, I've heard it said several times lately that we need to be more real so I'm trying to be more honest and not put up a front. I will admit it...I get overwhelmed easily. Right now that overwhelming feeling is coming from starting a business and moving at the same time. I wouldn't suggest it! But, as I've always said, I don't much like change so I might as well change everything at one time and get it over with. The stress of getting Bogie's organized and thinking about getting our house settled (notice I said "thinking about!") and starting a new MOPS year where I'm the Finance coordinator and having a 2 year old constantly wanting my attention (and being pregnant on top of all that!) has recently gotten to me. MOPS is about the least of my worries right now, but I do want to make sure I do a good job. I appreciate all the positive feedback I get from each job, but sometimes it's just not enough, I guess. There's the saying and then the actual doing. I know people think I'm doing a good job at everything, but I just want to be settled in everything and be doing a good job. So, if you see me in the near future and I look like I've been crying...I probably have. I'm just trying to sort everything out and remember my priorities. I'm getting there. At least I'm starting to ask for help and share my feelings a bit!

Thanks for listening to my rambles and honesty. It wasn't easy to share!


Lauren said...

Hmmm, sounds like me. Maybe we're related or something. But for real, I totally understand (not the moving or the new business thing but...) Let me know if I can help - and we should get together sometime. Just to eat or talk or whatever. Love ya!

Kathylou said...

God will give you the strength through all life changes and stress. Somehow we come out stronger. Praying for you.