Thursday, August 5, 2010

New house

Today was my first day to really spend working on the new house. Since my parents are out of town, I really didn't have anything else to do. (At least, until I started thinking and making a list! But, that will be for tomorrow morning!) So, Emily and I headed over there to meet the phone guy and do some cleaning. Fortunately, there's not a whole lot there yet...the majority of our stuff is in the container that will come tomorrow night and be unloaded on Saturday. (If you live in Abilene and can help Saturday morning, let me know!)

Here are a few pictures of the new house in its beginning stages.

the living room/office

the playroom with the kitchen and dining room in the background

the kitchen with the dining room and playroom in the background

our tiny master bathroom (the shower is just to the left of the sink...the sink might be a 1/2" from the wall...maybe)
We'll be installing that cabinet shown in the forefront so we have some storage space in there!

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Jenni said...

looks fun....can't wait to see it all in person!! :-)