Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Pictures galore!

Picture overload. I told you it was coming and here it is!

Emily enjoying breakfast (I think) at Aunt Jenni's house. My mom made the green sling to attach to any dining chair and it's worked great so far.
Emily loves to play with Papa's belts
Emily was playing with her high chair cover and got twisted up in the strap. It stayed on for a while!
I reorganized our bookshelves a few weeks ago. When we moved in, we had just emptied boxes onto the shelves and never organized them. So, I took a couple hours and made them look all pretty. Too bad I didn't take before pictures!

This is what happens when Emily wears disposable diapers to bed...droopy drawers!

Before: the innocent look

After: the innocent look
(I walked away for just a few minutes, and she had the bookcase half empty!)

Emily enjoying the balloons at Prom

If you've ever wondered how we get those great shots of Emily on Mr. Snuggles, here's a peek at all the shots we took to get this month's pictures. We had to do two takes because Emily's patience has been very short the last few days. I don't blame her. She's teething!


Lana said...

Great pictures! We laughed out loud at the "high chair cover," "droopy drawers," and "innocent look" pictures!

Jenni said...

I laughed out loud too at the innocent pictures.....can't imagine that it will get better for quite awhile! :-)