Saturday, November 24, 2007

Start spreading the news!

Okay, we've told family now, so it's time to start sharing with the world.

We went to Bronte for Thanksgiving and made our announcement on Thursday at lunch. Everyone was excited. Phillip called his grandpa since he couldn't be with us for lunch (he's had shingles and didn't want to get anyone sick).

Friday we came to Abilene and told my granddad at dinner. He was excited, but got very emotional, saying, "Mommy (Grandmommy) sure would be proud!"

In other news, we have a crib and changing table!

We climbed up in the attic and looked at the crib that Jenni and I used as babies and it follows enough of the safety guidlines for me. Mom and I put together enough to figure out how it works and see that it needs some repair work before we can actually use it. We'll work on getting that done, but all we'll need to buy in that respect is a new mattress. (I figured the one that's 30 years old and been in the attic or outside storeroom could really use replacing!)
The changing table has been consistently in use for the last 31 years, mostly as shelves or an entertainment center. But it is time, once again, to be used for its rightful purpose. My grandpa built this for my sister in 1976 so I figure it will work for our baby as well.

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